LasFest - International Theater Festival in the Forest is is an exceptional, cyclical cultural event that takes place in the unique surroundings of the Siedlisko Kultury Solniki 44, located in the Knyszynska Forest, in the area of the “green lungs of Poland” (near Bialystok city). The event – founded by the theatre group Coincidentia – host­ed during three editions of LasFest (2018-2020) performances, concerts, works in progress of artists from various countries, including Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Israel and Great Britain. The original concept of the festival came from meetings with independent theatres from around the world and from the search for new means of stage expression. The selection of the most interesting proposals of independent theatres, accompanied by artistic events (concerts, meetings with artists, improvised session shows) and uniquely picturesque surroundings (Solniki 44 is located in a for­est isolated from human settlement) create an exhilarating atmosphere of the festi­val.

Streams of LasFest

▲ Species found in Poland (Polish performances)

▲ Species rarely found in Poland (foreign performances)

▲ LasLab (session shows, works in progress, laboratory presentations)

▲ Roar of the Wild (music events)

▲ Young Forest Forum (works of students and fresh graduates of art schools)

Accompanying events

▲ Oak Forum (conversations with invited artists)

▲ LasChillas (forest chill out area)

▲ Shooting Stars Night (night show of shooting stars with live music)

▲ Sundown Show (spectacle of the setting sun with live music)

▲ LasMóvie (forest cinema)

LasFest cast

* Dagmara Sowa / Festival Director

* Paweł Chomczyk / Artistic Director

* Katarzyna Kuźmicz-Mészáros / Producer

* Bogusław Kasperuk / Technical Director

* Michalina Kostecka / Chef of the Forest Kitchen


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