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9 / 08 / 2023
hour 20:00

Johannes Doktor Faust or A Frightful Comedy with Devils

Magamura Creative Workshop (HU)

Designed by Szilárd Boráros

Text by Milada Boráros

Music by Dániel Takács and Áron Pilári

Directed by Szilárd Boráros and Milada Boráros

Performed by Milada Boráros, Szilárd Boráros and Áron Pilári

Rooted in the tradition of Czech folk puppetry, this experimental piece is our own version of the well-known medieval morality. It uses the staging principles of 19th century family puppet theatres, which we have dressed into a contemporary visual and musical language. The famous and timeless story of the ambitious magician Johannes Faust tells the bitter tale of a man who, in pursuit of his goals, hits the limits of his abilities. Rather than give up his ambitions and accept things as they are, he asks the devil himself for help and pays for his services with his own body and soul.

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