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10 / 08 / 2023
hour 20:00


Aleksandra Gosławska

Author, director, performer: Aleksandra Gosławska

Producer: A. Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw Branch in Białystok

Pedagogical supervision: Błażej Piotrowski

Stage movement: Aleksandra Gosławska

Friendly voices: Magdalena Mickiewicz, Mirella Burcewicz, Piotr Gadomski, Agata Nierzwicka

Musical assistance: Jakub Wietrzyński

The inspiration for "Stand-up" came from a heart collapse during the first year of the Theater Academy.

After that, it only got worse.

I am joking.

But do I have any regrets?

My name is Aleksandra Goslawska, for friends Alex, and I love to laugh. Especially at myself. And there are a lot of reasons: 5 years of passing theater schools, almost 30 failed entrance exams, 4 visits to Hospital Emergency Departments.

The monodrama is a strong voice of the young generation of actors who are trying to find a balance between life and art. "Stand-up" is a performance that combines humor with a loud expression of rebellion. (Review by Karolina Dabrowska)

Above all, from the entire monodrama beats great passion for the profession despite its inherent hardships (such as professional burnout). There is also the authenticity and unpretentiousness so rarely seen lately, without which this would be just one of many stand-ups. (Review by Ilona Panek)

The play was awarded among others:

   - GRAND PRIX of the XV Tychy MoTyF Monodrama Festival (2023)

   - MARTA Grand Prize in the "Authorial Acting" category at the International

   Festival of Theater Schools Setkání/Encounter in Brno (2023)


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