10 / 08 / 2023
hour 21:00


Forest screening of short films

Replika 16.LFF/curator Maciej Misztal


We invite you to the next edition of Las Móvi - a forest cinema with a unique repertoire. We will present five films from the program of the 16th Lublin Film Festival. We guarantee a wealth of forms, conventions and themes. The films have been selected for you by LFF director Maciej Misztal, who also invites you to a discussion by the fire right after the screening.

From the curator:

By shedding its antlers, the deer ceases to be the king of the forest and becomes one of its many inhabitants. It is difficult to say whether his ego suffers, but it is problably lighter, no longer carries a burden and can navigate his surroundings more easily. And what is it like for people? Doesn't giving up the role we have been playing for years allow us to get closer to ourselves and others? By "taking off the crown" we no longer have to look down, we can look ahead, straight in the eye. Confrontation does not have to involve a fight, it can be a path to understanding. From the rich programme of the 16th Lublin Film Festival, I have selected five titles that reflect the event-specific diversity of perspectives, while corresponding with each other in the themes of ego, confrontation with unexpected changes in reality and verification of our ideas about it, and reflection on nature, mainly human nature. The screening will also be a kind of experiment, as I have selected the films taking into account the specificity of the forest space in which they will be presented. Nature creates reception conditions inaccessible to cinemas, broadening the experience of watching the film. I invite you to join me on a journey into the forest, into nature, into yourself.

Beyond is the Day, dir. Damian Kocur (Poland) 2020, 25’, 15+

Pawel is working on a small river ferry close to his village. One day he notices somebody traversing the river by swimming. This person is Mohammad, an illegal immigrant from Palestine.

The Visit, dir. Mateusz Jarmulski (Poland) 2021, 7’

African tropical forest. A dark figure escapes through the thicket. And while leaving their natural environment, they will stand before an important choice.

The Unknown Soldier, dir. Alexis Loukakis (France) 2021, 23’

November 11, 1918, the very end of World War I. France must honor the memory of its fighters by organizing a symbolic funeral for an unknown soldier. Corporal Solal and his troops are given a mission to roam the battlefields in search of the perfect corpse. Who will prove worthy enough to be a symbol of sacrifice?

Unburial, dir. Artur Wyrzykowski (Poland) 2022, 22’

Berka is 31 years old – and she’s the most pathetic person ever. When Berka's dad urges her to come home for an unburial, she has to confront him, a City Hall expert and his activation programme for Millennials and her ex as well. Through all of this, Berka has to try to not kill herself.

Censor of Dreams, dir. Leo Berne, Raphaël Rodriguez (France) 2021, 18’

Every night, The Censor and his team moderate Yoko’s dreams. Tonight nothing happens as planned.

Films with Polish and English subtitles.


Initiator and director of Lublin Film Festival. Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School at the University of Silesia graduate in Organization of Film and Television Production studies. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University graduate in Culture studies. Curator of film screenings at many festivals. For over 7 years, he has been developing his original method of building local communities by using the phenomenon of cinempathy. The author and host of the Warsaw Short Framing project. Production manager of award-winning documentaries and short films as well as many TV programs, including international co-productions. Instructor of film workshops for young people. Awarded of Medal of the President of Lublin.

Lublin Film Festival until 2016 known as the IFF Golden Anteaters, is one of the oldest international independent film festivals in Poland. Lublin Film Festival until 2016 known as the IFF Golden Anteaters, is one of the oldest international independent film festivals in Poland. The statuettes awarded to the festival’s winners bear the former name of the event to this day. The project, which was started in 2007, is a perfect place for those who like to ask questions and reflect on the answers. These are the people for whom we hand-pick films from all over the world. LFF combines the traditional film competitions with a modern approach and an openness characteristic for the city of Lublin. The festival is rich in various workshops, concerts and other events as well as long talks with Polish and foreign guests who eagerly blend into the festival’s community and always highlight the LFF’s unique vibe. For years, we’ve been cultivating and developing our philosophy of cinema as a pretext for meeting, discussing views and getting to know each other. We are fueled by passion, a passion that we want to spread. We love Lublin and we believe that there’s a community that can be created around cinema, one that we want to be a part of.

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