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12 / 08 / 2023
hour 20:00


Grupa Coincidentia

concept: Dagmara Sowa, Małgorzata Tarasewicz - Wosik, Paweł Chomczyk, Robert "Meg" Jurčo

script and direction: Paweł Chomczyk

scenography: Małgorzata Tarasewicz - Wosik

stage movement: Karolina Garbacik

light direction: Bogusław Kasperuk

live music: Robert "Meg" Jurčo, Paweł Chomczyk

performers: Dagmara Sowa, Robert "Meg" Jurčo, Paweł Chomczyk

There is nothing nearby. In front of me there is nothing. Pure air. Empty space. Between me and the barn 57 steps away from me.... Nothing. Several hours pass. The same space now is full of dust, insects, dust. Earlier this Something was also here. Only I was blind. I was on the wrong side of the sun. What do you see when you see me? What color do I have? What color is my energy? And my soul? Can you see it? Do you see anything?

Laboratory of invisible things. A theatrical experiment, aimed at proving hitherto unproven theses related to things, entities, processes that cannot be seen with the naked (and sometimes even armed) eye. Nothingness presented in material form, singing about dancing, dancing about singing, tasting smell, puppet proofs of the existence of parallel worlds and absolute entities; empirical measurements of the concentration of love, pressing the essence of thought processes - these are unique, original stage activities which constitute the unique character of the new performance of Grupa Coincidentia.

The creators reserve the right to present selected stage events in an invisible form. Any complaints in this regard (further text in invisible font)

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