Roar of the Wild
14 / 08 / 2021
hour 20:00

Karolina Cicha


Karolina Cicha is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist fascinated by the traditional music of the minority of north-eastern Poland. Her latest album "TANY" is nominated for Fryderyk Award. Cicha participated in dozens of festivals in Europe, Asia and America. In 2015, Cicha was officially selected at WOMEX - the largest World Music festival in the world. Together with SPÓŁKA, she was awarded with the GRAND PRIX and the Audience Award at the Polish Radio Folk Festival "Nowa Tradycja".

Her creative path began with solo concerts and the Gardzienice theater. In 2009, Cicha started her adventure with rock music. Her song "Miłość bez jutra" became part of the album GAJCY! published by the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Since that debut - moving more and more towards traditional and ethnic music - she has released several albums, incl. "Wieloma językami” (2013) devoted to the languages ​​of national minorities in the Podlaskie Voivodeship; "Jidyszland" (2015) devoted to the works of Jewish poets who wrote in Yiddish; "Poland-Pakistan" (2016) - fusion with quawwali singer Shafqat Ali Khan and recently; "Płyta tatarska" (2017) - in which Cicha delves into the musical heritage of Polish Tatars; „Jeden -wiele” (2018) - Cicha's most mystical album, in which he penetrates the sacred heritage of her native Podlasie; and "Tany" (2020) - the most danceable album by Karolina Cicha.

She performed, among others, at festivals:

Womex Official Selection (Hungary); World Music Fest (USA); TFF Rudolstadt (Germany); FMM Sines Festival (Portugal); Cheoyong Culture Festival (South Korea); Music Mela (Pakistan); Isole che Parlano (Sardinia); Global Union (USA); Lotus Fest (USA); Gypsy Festival Drom (USA); Art Pole (Ukraine); Suklegos (Lithuania); Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania); Folkbaltica (Germany / Denmark); Ethnoport (Poland), Skrzyżowanie kultur (Poland); Euroradio Folk Festival (Sweden); Urkult Festival (Sweden); Kamianitz (Belarus); Les Traversées Tatihou (France); Five Temples Festival (Hungary); Sibiu International Theater Festival (Romania); LaMama Theater (USA); Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania); Open Air (Poland); Jodphur Riff (India)

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